May 22

Lego, Lego, everywhere ….

This came across my LinkedIn feed as a “like” from a colleague a few weeks ago.

As I learn more about how I learn and my kids learn and the world and learning¬†turns into “everyone is a YouTube star” these days, I find little shares like this great. We’re coming up with new ways to learn things, to teach things, and to reach people.

And I’m not so much talking about YouTube and Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and Minecraft and Project Spark and, and, and … but the underlying Internet. People can reach across the world with new ideas and share things in a way I never had as a kid. Inspired teachers came from “somewhere” (probably other inspired teachers) and if you were lucky you got one or two in your school career.

And even those without Internet are feeling the effects. Memes become tee-shirts and bags and books and television shows.

Knowledge is an infection. Feed the disease. ūüôā

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