June 4

Multi Panic

My scattershot approach to reality always has me trying to make work some solutions … and some of my ideas are better than others (where is mail all tabs, darnit?).

But I got into a multi tasking panic the other day while I was, well, multi tasking this micro blog project. I had set up some huge documentation builds and publish jobs in one instance of my application. I was also doing a huge synchronization for a different project with source control. Set and forget, just check on it every so often to make sure it’s not all crashed, like a good slow braise in the oven.

I looked up, and my working memory panicked. The application on screen wasn’t showing a build progress. Flew to my machine, and it turned out I was looking at my sync instance of the application, not the build instance. Sigh. I’ve got two screens, I should have used them both instead of multi panicing.

But it got me thinking … why not let us color our apps? I’m working on huge 27″ screens, I’d love to have Project A open in a blue skin of an app and Project B in a green … it works for me on spreadsheets!

Oooh, shiny, I can do this with my browser tabs at work now, too! Yay! There have been add-ons for years, but nothing that was IT-approved ….

But hey, Madcap, Microsoft, etc … give me color variation instances, please!

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Posted June 4, 2024 by Lorena in category "dev random