April 16

Back in my day … we made do any way we could

The Internet used to scream. Before that, message boards used to scream. A guy I knew named Screech could connect at 300 baud with his vocal stylings.

Things were, in a word, primitive. Discussions, compared to today, were nearly up to the speed of Victorian England mail delivery if the message board owner had splurged for two modems and phonelines.

Our emojis were simple text characters or abbreviations, such as <EG>, Evil Grin. Eventually, “always on” internet became a thing, smart phones became a thing, and we could message as fast as we could think.

So I started using emojis for each train of thought, and still sometimes remember to use it today. You know, maybe we could use AI, the pretty little thief machine, to help? First, make emoji easier to tab to when texting, then train AI to start to string our thoughts together for us.

Just a thought.

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