May 23

Nurse Joy has been secretly replaced with Hermes Conrad

When I originally imagined a revamping of the heal my Pokemon system with a “Nurse Joy” button, I was still operating, as a new player would, from a place of scarcity and curation.

Now the game is overrun (at least in my part of the world) with megaplayers. Jixny3829 and Jinxny4293 and Jinxny084 to invent a few examples. Niantic and Nintendo don’t care, it means more money.

But they have, at long last, somewhat improved the healing system. You can now group heal your Pokemon in bulk! Or selected groups.

To use this “bulk revive and heal” option, navigate to the Items Menu and select a Medicine. All eligible Pokemon are shown: weak Pokemon for healing potions, fainted Pokemon for revive reagents.

Filter by typeIn addition to the existing sort by menu (Recent, Favorite, Number, HP, Name, and Combat Power), you can now use the search field to find one or more Pokemon by name, Region, Type, or other attribute. If you’ve got a preference for healing your Perfect Pokemon who can evolve first, use the filter buttons to circle in on just those Pokemon. Or just tag your favorite Pokemon and find them by tag, much as you do elsewhere in the game.

Once you’ve got your preferred Pokemon sorted, you can heal them all at once with the Heal All button, or tap specific Pokemon over and over until they’re full.

This still doesn’t help the more conservative players to min max their healing reagents, but considering microtransactions are the life blood of keeping the game going, their needs will likely continue to be ignored.

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Posted May 23, 2024 by Lorena in category "Free Beta Testers", "Niantic", "PokemonGO