March 7

I hope someone at Apple is spying on us.

I was one of the dozens in my circle who had hoped the iOS 7 user interface preview was a joke. It is, and it isn’t.

Sure, I’m not young any more, and I’m not that old. But the super skinny UI and flat, plain jane, moving default interface? Yeeech. What a joke.

I’ve just updated to iOS 7.0.6 in the hopes of fixing something with one of my gadgets that syncs to it. No dice, but I’ll troubleshoot the other device some other time.

While I was poking around the settings, I realized I had made the UI as non-nauseatingly still and as big and bold as reasonable. I wondered – how many other people have done this to their phones?

One order of data mining, please.

Apple may find it difficult to capture this information on Jailbroken iDevices (Are there alternate UI schemes? Might be worth it to Jailbreak after all …) but surely the are watching the rest of us good doobies playing in their walled garden. If enough of us have turned on this functionality to disable the crap, maybe they’ll change it?

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Posted March 7, 2014 by Lorena in category "Apple", "User eXperience